Paper Presented at the HICSS 2024 in Honolulu, Hawaii

January 22nd 2024

Paper Presented at the HICSS 2024 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Our research group presented a paper at the 57th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences in Honolulu, Hawaii. In the paper was written in the context of the IH-evrsKI project and explores the concept of AI literacy in adult and higher education.

Paper Abstracts

AI Literacy in Adult Education –- A Literature Review

The pervasiveness of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to increase, disrupting both individuals’ professional and social lives. In order to enhance public understanding of AI technologies, the concept of AI literacy has emerged in scientific discourse in recent years, drawing upon interdisciplinary research from various fields. While much of the existing research focuses on educational efforts for K-12 students, this paper explicitly addresses research on AI literacy for adult education. A systematic literature review was conducted to characterize existing research in this area, which examines the understanding and approach to AI literacy in higher education institutions, the relevant target groups, the primary research directions, and assessment approaches for individual competency levels. Based on this analysis, research gaps are identified and future research directions are proposed.

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