CENTERIS Conference 2018

November 25th 2018

CENTERIS Conference 2018

21-23 November 2018, Lisbon, Portugal

Last week members of the CEIR team participated in the CENTERIS conference in Lisbon, Portugal. This year’s conference was the 10th edition of Centeris and the team presented two papers from their work.

The first paper, “Traces of design activity: the design of coordination mechanisms in the shaping of enterprise collaboration systems” is authored by Clara Nitschke and Sue Williams. The paper examines coordination mechanisms (CM) as traces of design activity in Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS) and presents key examples of user-designed coordination mechanisms that are being used to inscribe specific purposes into ECS communities.

The second paper, “Designs for the Digital Workplace” is authored by Sue Williams and Petra Schubert and presents the findings of a study to identify digital workplace designs through an analysis of 13 Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS) using organisations. The paper’s findings reveal six distinctive workplace designs and show how the digital workplace is being interpreted differently and being shaped by organisations to meet specific organisational requirements.

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