CENTERIS Conference 2020

October 28th 2020

CENTERIS Conference 2020

Patrick Nitschke and Susan P. Williams presented their work on conceptualizing the internet of things data supply at this years CENTERIS conference, which was held virtually.

Paper Abstract

By enmeshing the digital and physical worlds, the Internet of Things is envisioned to generate a wealth of real-world data which enables new ways of creating value based on data. Organizations and researchers in the Information Systems community have already begun to transform existing approaches by applying concepts such as Nonownership Business Models that use data as the new main resource to create value. However, as our critical literature review shows, there has been limited attention to the actual characteristics and challenges of data supply in the IoT. Based on the critical review, two distinct themes were identified regarding the conceptualization of data and Things. Data is conceptualized either as Shallow Data or as Provenance Data, whereas things are conceptualized in terms of Things as Sensors or Things as Agents. Based on these themes, two research implications are developed. Firstly, things are more than sensors, they inherit agency and intention from their respective owners. Secondly, the provenance of data is essential. Data is considered a resource, quality control, assessment of legality are essential to securely rely on data to create value.

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